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New "Moderation" Warning?

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HI everyone. I have it set that every new member on my site needs their first few posts approved manually by admin.Β 

The problem is, this leaves posts in a moderation queue, and unless you go into your dashboard, you can not see there are posts that need ot be approved.Β 

Is there some way in a future update to add something like this? Maybe a red circle with a number in it to show how many posts need approving on the "Forum Dashboard" button in the admin toolbar?Β 

It is easy to miss posts in the queue you see, it would be great to have something that tells us there is posts in the queue from the front endΒ 

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Not needed. You also get an email about something needs to be moderated.

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I have added this suggestion to our todo list.

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@blackraz Thank you πŸ™‚