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[Solved] Optimum integration with Wordpress

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I've installed the free wpFORO plugin with no issues, and have just bought five of the additional paid-for features.

The current plugin is installed into the main WP site. However, I saw it mentioned in one of the comments that it might be better to install the entire forum into a separate WP installation instead.

The reason being it can be backed up independently from the main site, and that being separate it loads and runs faster (and doesn't affect the main site in the same way).

Before I continue I would value your thoughts.

Many thanks!

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Hi @wearethe99,

wpForo uses its own tables in database, so it doesn't overload the wp_posts and wp_postmeta tables like other forum plugins. Thus, it'll have minimal affection to your website performance even if you install it on the main website. However, if you don't need a single authorization system for the forum and the main website, you can install wpForo on a separate WordPress.

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@robert Thanks very much for the heads up, much appreciated! In that case, I'll leave it integrated into the main website and crack on with the add-ons 👍