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User role and usergroup advice w/ membership and subscriptions

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My website uses woocommerce memberships, woocommerce subscriptions and wpforo

I was trying to think of a smart way of setting up user roles and usergroups so that I don't run into any issues in the future.

The problem

The problem I'm facing is that I need users that purchase 'Subscription A' to be given wordpress user role 'A' and 'Subscription B' to be given the wordpress user role 'B'.

Both subscriptions should also set users to usergroup 'C'.

When the subscription is cancelled, the user roles should be allocated back to 'Subscriber' and usergroup should be allocated back to 'Registered'.

The above I've managed to accomplish via the woocommerce settings and an extra bit of code.

However this is when the problem occurs, as I have many user groups on the forum which have associated user role  'subscriber'

This causes a user to be assigned all the other user groups associated with subscriber, once their subscription  is cancelled - as they revert back to 'Subscriber' from user role 'A' or 'B'. However, I want them to be only h have the default usergroup 'Registered'.

Note: I have


Is there a nice, clean workaround for this? Apologies if I haven't articulated the problem in the best way.

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Another note: the other 'many usergroups' i have are all secondary usergroups

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Hi @zeeshan333,

Please check out the wpForo - WooCommerce Membership Integration addon: