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[Solved] WpForo slow developement

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I am wondering what should be taking this long for new update. It's been more than three months yet no sign of update.

Is the development process getting slower because this is an opensource plugin?


Development for several added features is going on in full scale?

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We're working on a middle version 1.6.0, so it takes more time than all other minor versions. As you know minor versions were released per two months. The upcoming version is not a minor version, it's  a middle version so it may take up to 4 months. 

The next version comes with a brand new forum layout "Threaded" and with lots of improvement (50%) in a Q&A layout. Also it includes many other features and improvements in widgets.  In other words we develop a new forum so it cannot be released during the same time as minor versions. So please be patient and wait if you can. The next version 1.6.0 comes this month without any doubt. Other deadlines were approximate not an exact so those are delayed 1-3 weeks. 

Thank you for your patients and for your understanding. We're really sorry that this version took more time and we apologize for the inconvenience we caused with this delay.

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Posted by: Martin

We're working on a middle version 1.6.0

Hi, seeing the delay I thought you were going for a bigger 2.0 update.

Sure that users will bother you with questions and blind requests, it's up to you to entrust the actual and potential userbase by publishing a ROADMAP.

I guess when 1.6 will come out and many of us not finding their fetish function(s) implemented, there will be again complaints.

So, are you going to publish a ROADMAP ?

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Hi @usernamemi,

Please check the 1.6.0 version release and you'll see how bigger is that update:

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I agree @robert