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Suggestion [Closed] Disable the ability to undo like, dislike, vote, unvote

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Dear gvectors team,

We are using addons wpForo myCRED and wpDiscuz myCRED. These addons will add points to myCRED system.

The problem is, our users cheat the system by the way: they like, then undo, then like again. So with this method, they can receive as many points as they want.

So can you please disable the ability to undo like, dislike, vote, unvote. That means: user can do this action only once a post.

Hopefully you can get my point.

Thank you in advance. 

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Closing this topic, you would be answered at https://gvectors.com/forum/wpforo-mycred-integration/disable-the-ability-to-undo-like-dislike-vote-unvote/#post-36936