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[Closed] Posting is very slow

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My forum page is loading fast (2-3 s). But posting takes too time (25-30 s). While I edit a published post, it takes normal duration (2-3 s). The problem is related to first posting.

I read all previous topics and your answer for this issue and tried all your suggestions, but it could not be fixed. For example according to the the suggestions in this URL:

I have no loopback warning.

I changed all wpforo tables to InnoDB 

There is no warning on database table indexes in Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Debug > Tables

I use wpforo cache.

I also deleted all wpforo subscription table content so that the reason may be sourced from email sending problems. But nothing changed after deletion. 


But there is a few error warning in wpforo debug. And according to your suggestions to other members I installed Query Monitor to see wp debugs.

Query Monitor gave me Slow querries (6) errors related to wpforo. I guess it may be the reason.

Here is screen capture:

I also added wpforo debug warnings to the word file that is attached to this topic. I hope you can solve this slowing problem.