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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Access to hidden forum

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we have set up a hidden forum for moderators only, posted via the forum permissons. Works quite well so far, the forum is hidden from normal members. BUT ... posts in the moderators forum are listed under "Recent Topics", and if normal members click on this link, they will be in the moderators forum.

This is fatal for the confidentiality there, how can we hide it?


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Hi @berndg,

1. That because you've not configured all correctly. You've only set No Access to the parent forums. You should edit each forum in the forums tree (all child forums) and set No Access to non-moderator Usergroups. Once all are set correctly go to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard admin page and click the [Delete All Caches] button.

2. Another reason of this issue is the cache plugins. You should make sure the main forum page is exuded from your cache plugins/solutions. Please read this FAQ topic:

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@robert Thanks, Robert. Point 1. is what I already found out over the weekend after filing the support request. But I was not expecting that I have to tighten it here, when the forum is set to access for a certain group. Anyway.

The forum page is excluded from the cache plugin, since all is running harmonically together.


Thanks again, Bernd