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[Closed] Adding Items to Profile Menu

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We currently use Ultimate Member plugin for managing users and prior to v2 release relied on wpForo redirecting to UM profile.

Now that wpForo released more updates to the profile page it makes more sense to keep wpForo profile page as is and instead add a link to Ultimate member profile page. 


Could you please share what would be the easiest way to add a new item to the profile menu items as shown on the screenshot?

Thank you

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Easiest Solution is to edit the php file the way you like with HTML & CSS. Here is what I did: go into this directory on your server (With FTP Client):

  • /var/www/*yourfoldername*/wp-content/plugins/wpforo/themes/*yourthemename*/profile.php
  • Edit "profile.php" with any text editor and find the following line from the screenshot and paste my Version of the code (you can edit it as you like)

<a href="" class="account1" style="position: relative; bottom: 9px; margin-left: 35px;"><i class="fa-solid fa-cart-flatbed"></i> ‎ Account details</a>

with more time and effort you could also get the same hover effects and do basically anything you want with but I don't wanna spend my time on this. If you need personal help message me 🙂