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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] All Profile Pictures on Forums are of the Owner (Me)

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Hello! I use buddypress and wpForo and something seems to be going wrong with my forums. My website is and everyone as the same profile picture as me. This only displays on the forums, when I'm on buddypress profiles I can see everyones individual profiles. Yes I have already enabled syncing with BuddyPress in the features for wpForo. Here's what it looks like 

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@jawh I can't replicate this. When I visit your forum and perform the tests you've explained, everyone seems to have their own avatar. This sounds like a caching issue - can you try and load your forums in an incognito tab first - both as a non-logged in user, and a logged in user, and let me know the result ?

Also, do you have any caching plugins active ?