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[Solved] Cannot create Categories

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This has been answered before but the solution did not work for me and the topic was closed. I deactivated the plugin, deleted it, cleared the cache, reinstalled and I still have the same issue or not being able to save or publish anything when I click 'Add New' and publish. It remains blank. I'm not sure if it's from an error I made the 1st time in accidentally deleting the main content? That's why I deleted and reinstalled it the first time. Now nothing works.

PS I'm brand new to using this plugin so if there's someway of starting from scratch and losing all saved settings I'm ok with that as the new install saved all of my settings e.g. email, user profile, recaptcha keys, etc.

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Hi @eve-d,

Please go to wpForo > Tools > Database Tables and check problems. If there are some errors click the [Solve Database Problems] button.

Go to wpForo > Boards admin page and make sure you have only one board with boardid=0, take a screenshot and leave it here if it doesn't look like this: