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Script [Solved] Change Default Height of Editor

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For some reason the editor window is really short by default. Is there any CSS or something I could apply so that it is taller from when the page loads? 

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Hi @hshah,

Please put the following code in the active theme functions.php file, it works for all editors but the topic editor:

add_filter('wpforo_editor_settings', function($settings){
  $settings['editor_height'] = 180;
  return  $settings;

You can change the red marked code as you want.

For topics, insert this CSS code in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Styles > Custom CSS Code textarea, save it, delete all caches, go to forum front-end and press Ctrl+F5:

#wpforo #wpforo-wrap.wpft-topic .wp-editor-container .mce-edit-area iframe {
    min-height: 180px;
#wpforo #wpforo-wrap.wpft-topic .mce-edit-area.mce-container.mce-panel.mce-stack-layout-item{
     min-height: 180px;