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[Solved] Create New Page giving 404 error

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Hello (again)
Apologies for a fourth post/question - totally new to wpforo

I am trying to create a privacy policy page for my forum - I originally linked to a post I created but in order to create a facebook API I apparently need it to be a proper page and a forum post.  I created a new page (as I have done on other wp websites) but although the link shows it as when I try to preview or post that web address I get a 404 error page.  

I did a search and found this thread from 2017 about a similar issue - I dont understand what they mean about creating the page through the forum being wrong - I only have one section in WP for creating pages so am unsure how to create a non-forum parent page (hope that makes sense as had no idea thats what I was doing)

The screenshot shows the page I created but when I click the link I get a 404 error page.  I can only attach one photo at a time on here so will add another post with the error message


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404 error page despite it being the correct web address (clicking on page preview in page creator takes me to home page of the forum)

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Is that "Turn WordPress to this forum board" enabled?

If so, also.

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Sorry cannot put forum live as had over 8000 spammers after converting from smf to wpforo so am tidying up that and enabling all the shield spam settings before going back live.  Should hopefully be in next day or so.


WordPress to this Forum Board is enabled
I am sorry but unsure what you want me to add into the Exclude Page URLs - just my main home page or with the full privacy policy part on it?  It is empty just now (just some shaded out sample text). 


IGNORE THAT - i added the part and it shows up now - thank you so much for your help.

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I'd recommend you to read the Getting Started topics. Especially the following ones:

Turn WordPress to this Forum: