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[Closed] One topic post in a forum won't come up, has bad gateway message

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In a forum we set up, we have one particular topic that only has 7 posts on it, and we're having problems getting it to show up. We get a 504 Bad Gateway error on this particular topic.  There are 26 pages of topics (305) in this forum and we don't have any problem getting other topics to show up. How would I diagnose this problem if I cannot get the topic to appear in order to edit it? The current "problem" topic is the first one below the two pinned topics at top.

By the way, we upgraded to WPForo 2.0.5 yesterday and everything seems to be running real well otherwise.

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That issue is old or became apparent with 2.0.x?

Also try to disable Fast Velocity minify, the caching that i see in the pages are from VFM aren't they?

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The issue comes from the topic content. It seems you have lots of embedded content in the replies, also there site embeds. So I'd recommend go to Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > wpForo Embeds settings and disable the following options, or at least the second one:

  1. Embed Website URLs
  2. oEmbed current domain content