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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Delete User | The Link You Followed Has Expired

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Posted by: @jg100

I’m trying to delete Users that are spam registrations. When I try to delete the User, I get “The link you followed has expired” and can not delete the User. I do not get the attribute content window, it goes straight to confirm deletion, then the expired link message.

I am logged in as Administrator and have all the privileges checked to delete a user.

I created a new administrator user and tried to delete with same results.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @jg100

1) You can also try clearing your browser cookies

How to Do a Hard Refresh - How to Clear Your Cache or How to Clear Cookies on your Desktop PC or Laptop  

2) Or Debug and check for errors 

How to Debug and check for Errors and Issues in your Forum on your Server

Then each time try to delete the problematic spammer user.  

If it's a nonce issue (which is a WordPress issue) as Martin pointed out, maybe try the steps above - clearing the cookies.  Sometimes, it's caused by the cookies in our cache, too, or a conflicting plugin.  

Good luck and God bless you!  🙂 



How to Clear Cookies on your iPhone or Mobile Device  

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Thanks for the reply. I've cleared the cache, but didn't think about the cookies. I just deleted all the cookies and still can't delete the users.

I believe it to be a conflicting plugin(s). I'm using a series of BoldGrid plugins. If I deactivate all my plugins, I can delete the users. I haven't had the time to figure out the exact plugin(s) but by reactivating the non Boldgrid plugins, I can delete the users. Once I reactivate the Boldgrid plugins I can not delete the users. So it seems to be clear the BoldGrid plugins are causing the issue. 

I'm going to contact Boldgrid once I have more info, but unfortunately BoldGrid has terrible support. They are important plugins for my site because I use their post and page builder, SEO and backup plugins.

Thanks for the help.

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