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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Deleted user

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I use Wpforo with membership plugin, so when people register on my website, they are automatically a wpforo user.
Today, I had to delete a user, but it might be possible this user will come back later. When I deleted her, I had a message displaying : 

Do you want to delete messages of this user, OR give all the content to another member.

I didn't select any of these choices, because I didn't want to delete the messages or to give it to another member.

But now, by default, it has deleted all messages.

What can I do to back up these messages, in case this subscriber would subsribe again ?

Thank you,


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Actually i think you selected to delete user and his messages. There are two choices, you selected the first.


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No, I didn't select anything. But, the thing is how can I back them up ?

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I've found this article.

Before deleting you have to mark all his post as drafts, then create a fake user.

Delete the one that you want and delegate all his messages to the fake user.

Maybe not the best solution.

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You should ask your hosting service support to restore your database or at lease send the backup database file. I'm really sorry but there is no other way to restore deleted posts.

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