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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Enable User Registration email confirmation Not Working on My Website

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Hi guys, I am having issues with the registration confirmation email.

Please how do I fix this to avoid spamming and unauthorized usage of emails?

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Hi @abel_007,

Let's stop opening dozens of topics without even spending a minute to find answer to your question in the forum or in the Google. Next time when you open a topic, leave an information where have you searched and what have you found.

You're asking a question without a concrete mean. For example, your question "I am having issues with the registration confirmation email". What does this mean? Are you saying the email confirmation doesn't deliver to the user? If so, why haven't you read the sticky FAQ topics on the top of this forum, there are even two FAQ topics for that:

There are tons of tags related to your question. Have you ever checked any of theme?


In addition, you should search in this forum, you should search in Google and so on. We've already spent years to answer thousands of question that can be easily found in our form. You just need a few minutes to find them. Instead of that, you're opening dozens of topics and spending the support time on something that has lots of times answered in lots of topics.