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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Every posts have ID 0 (zero)

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Please, I need some advice. Every new post have ID 0 (zero). I tried check all settings, but this issue still appear. And all posts with ID 0 I cannot approve in background moderation. Thanks for your advice.

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1. REMOVE ANY caching from wpForo pages. Not allowed.

2. Press F12 and see your browser console the errors you have (and fix them):


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Now I think and I believe, that I solved this problem. I set in database in table wp_wpforo_post in row postid "autoincrement" and everything working well. We will see, when we will test it.

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Hi @petr,

Next time, please navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Debug > Tables Tab and check database issues. If there is some error, it'll ask you to click the [Solve problems] button.