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wpForo 1.x.x Forum Cache and Jetpack Image Accelerator - How to get back missing images

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I have the latest version of wpForo on our website. 

I recently updated the Jetpack plugin to the latest version. It offered an Image Accelerator, so I turned that on. 

I just discovered that this Jetpack feature saves images on their server at,, and 

Because of this, many images within posts in the Forum no longer appear - just the image placeholder shows up. 

I turned off the image accelerator feature in Jetpack. That did not restore the images.

I cleared the browser cache, and even tried the Forum in a different browser. That didn't restore the images.

I cleared the cache in the Forum (Delete All Caches button). That didn't restore the images either. 

I disabled and re-activated each plugin on our site, one-by-one, and the images still do not appear. 

I contacted Jetpack about this and they recommended clearing the cache. Which I've already done. 

I refreshed the browser window after clearing the cache with [CTRL+F5] (multiple times). That didn't bring the images back. 

When I point at the missing images (the placeholder), I can still see the images are trying to go to the (Jetpack) CDN. 

Any ideas on what I can do within the Forum settings to bring these images back?


P.S. All images on the website outside of the Forum are showing without problem. 


Thank you!


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This will be a plug in issue i think.... have you tired deleting Jetpack, or disabling it?

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Yes. Disabled Jetpack, cleared cache, refreshed browser and the image URL remains the same - pointing to the Jetpack CDN. 

The URL of one of the missing images has the format of 

If the portion of the URL were gone, it would be the original URL of the image. 


I don't have any cache plugins installed on this website, but did clear the wpForo Forum cache. 

I had our site host (BlueHost) clear the server cache, and that didn't solve the issue either. 


Seems Jetpack Image Accelerator and wpForo are not working together and am not sure what to do next. 

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Could you please send the admin login details to info[at] email address to allow us to check it? We were not able to find such an issue on our test websites.