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[Solved] 'Forum Dashboard'

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A while ago, I asked in the WordPress Forums how to remove 'Forum Dashboard' from my top admin bar, and got the reply:

Add this to your functions.php - remove_action('admin_bar_menu', 'wpforo_add_adminbar_links', 999);

This little snippet was a godsend, until a few weeks ago when it stopped working.

Even worse now (according to the staff at Perfmatters) it is adding 10 seconds loading time throughout the admin section, and 2-3 seconds loading time on the front-end due to those silly little emojis that are now loaded inside 'Forum Dashboard', meaning that I now have to 'allow emojis' rather than 'disable emojis', which is the way that I usually work.

So the obvious question that I'm asking here is:

How do I permanently remove 'Forum Dashboard' from my top admin bar now that the above script has stopped working?


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Hi @deeveearr

try (functions.php)

add_action( 'admin_bar_menu', function($wp_admin_bar) {

or this CSS Code

#wp-admin-bar-wpf-community {
  display: none;
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I've already tried hiding it with CSS, but that's not getting rid of it.

The functions.php snippet from above seems to do the trick, thank you so much!