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[Closed] Forum is not displayed

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Hi guys,

As you can see my forum is not displayed. I don't understand why since I have everything set up correctly.

WP Fastest Cache is set correctly also.

URL and settings are all correct

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Posted by: @danju92

WP Fastest Cache is set correctly also.

Firs you should delete all caches, then check the database issues in Dashboard > wpForo > Tools > Database tables Tab. If you see any issue, just click the [Solve Problems] button.


For the cache plugin, you should do the following:


WP Fastest Cache plugin

  1. Please navigate in Dashboard to WP Fastest Cache > Exclude Tab
  2. In the "Exclude Pages" section click the [Add New Rule] button
  3. Select [Start with] option in the drop-down menu and insert the URL path(s) of your forum page(s) one per rule in the next field:
  4. If you have more than one forum pages (boards) you should create separate rules for each forum board.
  5. Save rules and delete all caches.