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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Forum not indexed on SEs

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I recently created a forum for my WordPress site using the WPForo plugin. It's been days and I noticed that the forum posts are not getting indexed on search engines. 

I also noticed the same problems for other forums using the WPforo plugin. I ran a site: test on some of the post URLs there and I found that posts there are also not getting indexed, the forum home and sub-forums are all indexed but most posts are not. In fact, most forums running the WPforo plugin don't have their posts indexed on search engines.

Has the admin here noticed this problem and what could be the possible solution? 

my website URL is

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Hi @ibson99,

You have 4-5 topics which have been created a few days ago, here is your topics sitemap:


So, just wait for a few weeks and add more content. Google is not rocket, so you should wait for the indexing. Also, you should add your website to Google Webmaster Tool with forum map:

You can ask google to force indexing of certain pages in Google Webmaster Tool.


In general, I don't see any SEO issue in your forum meta tags, all works fine and there is nothing to do from wpForo side. All SEO issues only depend on your website rating and on the configuration you do in Google Webmaster Tool. wpForo SEO works just fine.

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Google has no obligation to any of us to index our forums. Or our sites in general.

Google indexes (or not) pages/posts depending on their algorithms and on how popular your site/forum is.

Make a google webmaster account and check in there your progress.


.. and you MUST remove this from wpForo pages. NO CACHING for wpForo:

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