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wpForo 1.x.x Forum registration and caching plugins

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Hi, I just registered on my forum to test the process and came across numerous errors, I assume because I am using W3 Cache and am just hoping someone can advise on what to do.

After registering and setting a password then logging in, then navigating to one of the message boards on my forum such as the one below

I pressed "Add Topic" and got redirected to the forum index, I tried this numerous times refreshing the page. Checking my forum navigation menu though I noticed it said i wasn't logged in. So clicking login refreshed the page and updated the menu now showing me as logged in. How do I avoid users having to do that?

In grateful anticipation of your reply, many thanks.

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exclude the forum from W3 Cache

wpForo and Cache Plugins

Exclude Pages and Directories from Caching in W3 Total Cache



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While you can exclude wpForo page from W3TC, i would advice to use some other caching plugin for your WP, like for example WP Super Cache.

W3TC only creates issues (in general, not in wpForo only) to your Wordpress site.

Yes, it has a huge ammount of installations as per WP, still most webmasters have no idea if their site is working right or not. They never enable debug or check with F12.