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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Having a problem on 2 sites where all the links to "My Profile" and more dont do anything

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I have 2 sites where I am using WP Foro and really like the way it works.

The 2 sites are coming live, one already has registered users.

On both sites the following links dont do anything:
* Members
* My Profile

This affects all sub-links such as under "My Profile", affects Activity, Account and Subscriptions.

I am running it in IIS. This server runs a number of WP instances reliably, also setup to serve non-WP pages, manages number of domains, subdomains with no issues.

You can see it at, register and try the links, they wont do anything.

Reddiant is a free reddit application, being launched soon as beta.

Will appreciate some response, need to find a solution very quickly, your help is appreciated.


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It seems you've used "Turn WordPress to wpForo" option and removed the main wpForo page. Make sure you still have forum page in Dashboard > Pages and it includes [wpforo] shortcode.

If you didn't used "Turn WordPress to wpForo" option, then make sure you've set forum on home correctly, you should create another forum page to set it on home, you should not use the main page more info:

In any case if all is correct, please change the community. subdomain name, this may be a phrase conflict.