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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How can I change the post url?

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Hi alexas,

I already bought 2 add-ons, and it turns out that you can not change the address to Latin ... You need to warn, people have spent money and many, it turns out that you need to write English themes. And how will this affect your nationality SEO???

All is correct and super visible for SEO. But I don't see you why you think this is a bug and this is wpForo bug. wpForo URLs are based on WordPress URL functions. It supports all languages and it works fine on your website too. Here is the example:

If you copy this URL and paste in some editor it'll look like this /%d0%b0%d0%ba%d1%86%d0%b8/ This is correct and this is readable for all search engines. This is WordPress URL, just create a simple Blog Post in Dashboard > Posts > Add New admin page and copy the URL. You'll see the same. Why you blame this on wpForo? This doesn't have any relation to wpForo. This is the core, normal and correct logic of all Inet multi-bit URLs. It seems you're not familiar with this and you think this is incorrect. Ask this question in WordPress support forum and you'll get lots of description to learn this.

I already bought 2 add-ons, and it turns out that you can not change the address to Latin

Please never say things like this. wpForo is a free plugin, you have tons of time to test it and see if it's good for you before spending many. In this case all is correct and works fine. You should read to get more  knowledge about multi-bit URL encoding and decoding. This is SEO friendly URL, and this is the only correct way to introduce Russian  and other non-Latin languages to Search Engines. And this is WordPress default way. WordPress does the same.


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