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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] How to hide member data?

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Is it possible to hide some specific forum member data in user accounts?

Now by default each user has to insert the following profile data:

  • user name
  • display name
  • nickname
  • email
  • user groups secondary
  • about
  • website
  • job
  • social networks
  • place
  • time zone
  • password

Please take a look at the attached file for this issue.

For data protection reasons I don't want my forum members to ask for:

  • user name
  • nickname
  • user groups secondary
  • social networks
  • time zone

Can I deactivate these profile data somewhere under functions or settings?

If not, is it possible to implement this feature?

I would also pay for that.

Thanks and best regards,

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thank you for interest in wpForo and for contacting us. 

Please check out wpForo User Custom Fields add-on.

The add-on's documentation is here: