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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How to link to the search page with no results showing?

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Hi, I would like to remove the search button in the wpForo top menu, right above the forum, and instead, have a link that goes to the search page.  

I was able to find the link for the search page but the problem is that in the example the page that people will see is a search for all topics that have the word cheese in them.


If I clear the search term in the URL and use this instead:

The page displays ALL the posts in my forum.


How can I link to the search page so that it's blank without any search results so that the user can put something in the search box?


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Hi R08,

I'm sorry but the search page doesn't have own page slug. You can use a unique key with URL, something like this:

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Posted by: @robert

doesn't have own page slug

Hello. Maybe there is a script or php code? I want to set the search on my own where I need to.

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Maybe there is a shortcode?

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Since the wpForo 1.7.0 version, added a Forum search page URL -

Please check the wpForo 1.7.0 changelog: