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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How to migrate a wpForo ?

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I just finalize the migration of my wpForo.

My last adress was, and now the new adress is .

So, I need to migrate 3000 users, 45000 posts, 1300 topics, a lot of personnal message, and others ... 

For move post, topics, forum, you just need to copy / past the SQL table wp_foro 


For move the users, you can use this free plugin : Cimy User Manager
Install it on last domain, click on dashbord > Users > cimy user manage > export
Install it on the new domain, click on dashbord > Users > cimy user manage > import

Go on forum dashbord, clean all cach and it's good ! 


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Thank you for sharing this information. However I don't think this plugin preserves UserIDs in the target WordPress database. So they'll not match to wpForo tables userids and all topics posts and profile data will be attached to wrong users. I strongly recommend check it after deleting all caches.