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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] how to properly use wpforo with BuddyPress?

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hahaha good news guys. so it all started just a while ago (by the way, anonymous20. i'm pretty sure you did not notice the reply i left for you on page 1 before the last reply i made).

so just a while ago i was going over both of your advice to me. i was considering the debug stuff you talked about. i was going to install a debug plugin to show me since i'm pretty sure i don't have access to the config files on the host plan i have.


however, i started to think back on what happened (as i explained before, after installing wpforo on my website some days ago, it completely broke the layout of my website that i had to restore a backup to fix the issue. or so i thought). so my reflections lead me to my child theme configuration plugin. i was going over information there and as i was scrolling through "baseline style" code i saw CSS code for the bbpress forums plugin. then it hit me. you see, i only realized my website was broken after installing wpforo, but that doesn't necessarily mean wpforo was the cause, because there is something else i did before installing wpforo. the only two things i did on my website that day was uninstall bbpress and then install wpforo. while i was in my child theme configurator it hit me that for bbpress i was ONLY seeing CSS code. on the day i installed wpforo i checked out the configuration page instantly. from there i went straight to the forums page to see how the forums looked. that's when i noticed my website was messed up. after seeing the CSS code a while ago for bbpress, i thought back to that moment and i remembered 2 very critical things. first of all, ONLY the layout of my website was messed up (it looked like a literal tornado visited my website layout). second, wpforo WAS actually working. i just didn't process it at the time because i was freaking out (my website is kinda like my online baby and seeing it like that really spooked me at the time). then i thought about it even more. if it was such a serious problem, then surely i would have noticed something was wrong before actually visiting my website. there would have been obvious warning sings when the plugin was installed.

it became obvious. what broke the layout of my website was not wpforo, but instead it was bbpress. to test my theory, i deactivated the bbpress plugin and sure enough, the layout of my website broke instantly. my mission was clear. i needed to find out why bbpress was breaking my layout and what i could do about it. after some googling i figured that the problem was with a different plugin, because it seemed like i was the only person on the planet having this problem. there's no way bbpress could be doing this and no one else noticed. i thought about it for a while, then i went back into my child theme configurator where it all began.

the first thing i did was create a copy of my child theme and activate it. my plan was to remove all of the bbpress styling code after uninstalling bbpress. i figured that would fix the problem since without any bbpress styling, it shouldn't have any effect. then i noticed something strange while i was setting up the basic configuration settings in the plugin. i saw mention of bbpress. i looked above it and i saw the option named "remove stylesheet dependencies". i knew instantly this was the problem. the child theme was treating bbpress as a dependency. so of course deleting the bbpress plugin would break the layout.

so in my child theme copy i tried removing bbpress as a stylesheet dependency, then i uninstalled bbpress. it worked. fluid as water. i had successfully uninstalled bbpress without breaking my website layout. so then i did the same thing on my main child theme. some other less important stuff happen and then after all that, i tried my hand again at installing wpforo. EUREKA. wpforo installed and i checked out the properly functioning forums page before coming here to tell my story.

and that's pretty much it. thank you two for sticking with me on this journey. that being said, just because wpforo was not the cause of the previous issue doesn't mean it will work perfectly. i'll have to actually use the plugin before i know for sure.

i just installed it and checked the forums page before coming here. wish me luck!!!

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Sure, good luck kibbles.

Thank you for this interesting story! This is a good case and maybe very helpful for future support.

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Thank you kibbles,

BuddyPress is a popular and powerful profile system. It has almost all features for building user profile and social network. First will do our best to integrate wpForo with BuddPress as much as possible. But we'll also take your suggestion under consideration for sure. wpForo also can be provided with advanced profile system too. We'll try to find the best solution for this issue.

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Is there a How to for the latest version?

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