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wpForo 1.x.x I desire the forum to take up the entire space, Is there a setting? No Sidebar.

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Hello, 😀 

I started a forum (Discussion) and created a page using your shortcode. Now because I created a page using your shortcode I was able to create a page without the sidebar.

See Here:

But at soon as I click on a topic, the page will open up with a sidebar.

See Here:

Question: Is there a setting somewhere that I can have it so that the forum has no sidebar. Meaning the forum takes up the entire space.

Thank You for any help.

Timothy T

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Hi @tim4962,

This cannot be done from wpForo side, you should edit the forum page and check your page templates, if you find some template with "Full width" or "No Sidebar" choose it. Also, there maybe an option to disable sidebar. All depends on your theme's page templates.

Click the Edit Page on the top admin bar and try to find something to disable the sidebar.