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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Topic messed up after reinstalling

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I have reinstalled WpForo after messing up with some code, I haven't changed any settings and now topics are messed up and upvote isn't showing up, see below

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Hi @lukaa

You use the Simplified Layout and removed (display: none !important;) the column for the last post

.mce-widget.mce-btn.mce-last, .answers, .wpforo-topic-stat-lastpost, .wpf-topic-sbs {
display: none !important;

For votes you must use the Questions & Answers layout


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@tutrix Hi, I added the code in the "Custom CSS" section but the issue still remains, the number of topic views and replies are displaced

It seems header is messed up of the topics, when I switch to QA layout it says "Last Post" as a header