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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Is there any dedicated page / link for the Forum Privacy?

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My forum privacy policy has been activated. As the documentation says it appears under User Registration Page.

But, I'm wondering when I need to provide the privacy policy link such as registering with a Facebook App or suggest users to review the updated policy in the future, where do I have to let them go and read it? Do I have to tell them to go and read the Privacy Policy on the User Registration Page?

Well, I knew I can create a new page on WordPress, but if I need to update the policy in the future then I have to edit on both pages. I doubt this is how you want us to do it.

Could someone suggest the best way to organise Privacy Policy page with wpForo on WordPress? Thank you.

NB: I have turned WordPress to wpForo.

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Hi @aung,

Here are the URLs for direct access to them:

Change the to your website domain and change the /community/ if your forum base URL is different. Make sure they are enabled in Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Privacy & Rules Tab. Otherwise, you'll see an empty pages.