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wpForo 1.x.x Is there any way to alter the email shortcodes with out altering the core of the plugin?

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Hi woforo, still loving the plugin but I've run into an issue where my forum is behind an s2members authentication step and the links that are showing up in email end up redirecting away from the forum to a signup page. I have tried unprotecting the forum and messing with the WPFORO display options but it doesn't quite work.

My Problem: I created a login portal that will log users in and then redirect them to the correct page. My only problem is the links in the emails are already processed and I don't have any way to change the HREF to point to my portal page.

Is there any way to manipulate the email template short codes with out altering the core of the plugin? 

Thank you again for your work.

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Hi @gunarcom,

You can disable wpForo Login/Register URLs and let WordPress insert its own URLs which may be hooked and checked by your s2memberhsip plugin.

In the Forums > Settings > Features Tab disable these options:

  1. Replace Registration Page URL to Forum Registration Page URL
  2. Replace Login Page URL to Forum Login Page URL
  3. Replace Reset Password Page URL to Forum Reset Password Page URL

Then disable these options in the Forums > Settings > Emails Tab:

  1. Overwrite WordPress New User Registration Email for Admins
  2. Overwrite WordPress New User Registration Email for Users
  3. Overwrite WordPress Reset Password Emails