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wpForo 1.x.x Last post in footer showing topics in final

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I've been having trouble with my forum install, where topic titles have been showing up in the "Last Post" area of the footer when posted in private forums, and for people who shouldn't see them. This is the only place where it happens: they don't appear in the Recent posts area, nor in the activity feed, and if a user clicks on the post, it won't let them see the actual content if they don't have access, but just showing the topic titles is still problematic. 

I was told in another thread to try deactivating the plugin, delete it, and reinstall, which I did, but the issue is still persisting. Was also told it might be a caching issue and when I do go into the wp forum dashboard and delete the cache, it does remove private posts from Last Post. But I have disabled Member, HTML, Object, and Memory cache in the forum settings, and the issue is still happening. Is there an option somewhere I need to change?

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I and I expect anyone else who uses private forums, have the very same problem. It was fixed in an earlier version but the problem came back with 1.4.7.

I logged the fault in the 1.4.7 thread here

Robert of the wpforo team is aware and I believe will provide a fix in the next release see his response here

In the meantime with the help of the members of this community, I put this code in styles css section to remove the recent post and recent user line from the footer statistics. 

#wpforo-stat-body > div > div.wpf-row.wpf-last-info > p.wpf-stat-other {
display: none



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This issue is already reported and fixed in next version.