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wpForo 1.x.x Mention a user with @ is quite difficult in a post

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I would like to submit problems with our forum users when they want to mention several users in a post

When they use the @, they have to identify the nicknames wanted, without possibility to have suggestions


For example in the Private Messages plugin, when we add users, we get suggestions in a popup when we start to write first letters of nickames


Do you have any solution to provide us ? Is it already implemented and not activated in the code ?

Thanksss in advance


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Hi @bono,

Here is the only answer at the moment:

There is no an easy way to add user selector. We may add it in the upcoming 2.0.0 major version, but it's not considered yet.

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I hope we can have this feature in 2.0.0, it's really a pain.

Also when a post contains an invalid mention on a non existing nick name, there is no link (correct) but the invalid nick name has no CSS class so we can't style it to make it highly visible to the poster that it's invalid and also possibly a tooltip.

Ideally, I would like to get this markup:

<span class="wpf-invalid-user-name" title="invalid user name">@Unknown</span>
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There is no way to do this. This requires lots of custom codding. Also, this will affect the forum performance, because of many SQL queries to check whether the nickname exists for each nickname in each post of the topic.