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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] @Mention User List Pop-Up

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I appreciate the feature of being able to @mention users within a post.

I also know we can view the Members list to find the @mention names for our users.

The issue we're having is it's hard to remember the @mention names of all our users while you're typing a message. 

It would be awesome to have a pop-up appear within a post that displays all users when you type the @ sign. For example, you type @ and then the first couple of letters of a user - and then their nickname appears and you select it from there. This would eliminate having to "guess" what someone's @mention (nickname) is.

If there currently IS something like this, can you please tell me how to access it?

If there isn't a feature like this, would this be something that could be added in a future release?

Thanks for your consideration. 


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Must be easy this and i like the idea

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This would be a good feature 🙂

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Please check out the wpForo User Mentioning addon: