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[Solved] Migration from mysql to mariadb - critical error on community page

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Hi All,

I have just moved my website and wpforo from a MySQL hosting environment to a new plesk environment and the database is now mariadb.

Export worked without any errors and on the import I received an error about not supporting "FULLTEXT" indexes.

After searching the forum I found a post to change the type from ENGINE=InnoDB and replace all with ENGINE=MyISAM, in the SQL import file, this resolved the import errors so all good.

Now I can't open the main forum page "/community" I receive a critical error on the website hence a white page with the error "There has been a critical error on this website"

I can however access the "/community/recent" page and "participants/" which shows the correct page and all members.

Any ideas on how to resolve this problem trying to open the "/community" main page?

Thanks Andy


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Enable Wordpress standard debug to a LOG and see the real error.

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@dimalifragis you are a star, enabled debug and saw an error around basedir, hence this would be from the hosting move, updated the media settings directory location and also the functions.php file and we are away, happy days 🙂