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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Missing 404 page - just blank white area

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Hello dear wpForo users,

i got a small problem where "404 - Page not found" does not come up, but it should. We got a forum with some sub forums, which are only accesible for logged in members. By acessing the page "" there will be shown a page with all sub forums when logged on.

But when not logged in the page is just blank like screenshot shows. But instead it should tell the user that he should be logged in/page could not be found to explain him, that there are missing rights.

I already double checked all options that could be reason for it. Also tried to get up with 404.php. It just does not get loaded. I want to show non-logged users proper information, so they stop wondering.

Do you have an idea?

best regards, Mario

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This is not 404 page. And yes, this page should have a message to let visitors know they must be logged in to voew content. We'll ad this in our to-do list for future releases. At the moment there is no solution yet. I recommend add a one public subForum here and write a sticky topic as a notification.