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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] My layout has gone nuts !

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I don't know what I've changed, but the layout has gone crazy. It seems to be adding lots of (visual) breaks or line feeds (don't know what's happening code wise on page)

I enabled debugging, but - unless you have a back door method to retrieve the file, I don't see anything listed in WP that allows me to send you a file

I think it started when I tried to enable full page, (I have TWELVE page templates)

Full width page template, no sidebar
Full width with Author bio
No header with sidebar
No header without sidebar, comments
No title full width
No title with sidebar
Page with author bio and sidebar
Page with date author bar
Page with date author bar full width
Portfolio template
Slider page template

** I know the latter - maybe others - has been added by my theme.

Also, perhaps maybe due to other plugins hijacking page, I cannot see any option to add the wp-forum to the left side.

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Marvellous! I post the question, then found the answer !

I had pasted my shortcode into the VISUAL editor, so all the code therein was plaed within <pre> tags to be rendered as text, (fact I only discovered when switching to the block editor)

But I still can't add the wp-foro nav to the sidebar of those pages