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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] notification email settings

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hello everyone, im brand new to wpforo, i just added the plugin to my website about 3 days ago, while trying to set things up ive encountered something i hope someone can help me with.

- notification emails templates.

so i made a topic post to test how the emails will look, i did receive the notification email, it was about a new topic being posted on the forum, but the image i assigned to the top of the email templates are not showing up.

would anyone know why?
i want my emails to have some sort of personality to them and not be just plain text. anybody know how i can fix this?

images available upon request.

thank you all!

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hi @tg914

read this topic > email notifications (new topic) and html

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hello, thank you for the response.

i realize im really new to this, but i still dont understand how to make images appear in my email notification template even tho theres a media button on there.

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so i checked the received email on my pc, apparently they show up while on pc but on my mobile phone its just a white box.

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Check please:,changes%20and%20refresh%20your%20Inbox.