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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Notification message re-positioning

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Ok, i will try and be as concise as possible but i am using a premium theme and when using wpforo, the notification that displays on the top right is obscured by the theme. 

I have attached a pic to illustrate what i'm talking about. I have a poorly drawn red arrow showing the notification that's being obscured.

What can i do within the css to sort of...move it down a bit?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm sorry but I have no clue how this theme header cover an element with more z-index. You should ask this question to the theme developers.

As an alternative you can use this CSS code to move pop-up messages to bottom to footer.

Please navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Styles admin page and put one of these CSS codes in Custom CSS Code textarea, save it, delete all caches and do Ctrl+F5 forum front:


1. Move  a little to bottom

#wpf-msg-box {
    top: 90px!important;


2. Move it to footer

#wpf-msg-box {
bottom: 40px;
} {
bottom: -20px;
right: 50px;
left: auto;
border-width: 0 20px 20px 0;


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@robert can we postition this also in the middel of the screen?


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