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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Notification on registering

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I am the admin and as such registered in WP and WPForo but I do not get any notification when somebody registers on our Forum. I checked the admin e-mail is correct.

I have to go to the member's list every couple of hours to see which people have registered during the last hours.

How can I (admin) be notified when somebody registers on our Forum?

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After entering the forum settings Go to the emails tab
Then scroll the page down until you see that picture and adjust the settings


Then make sure to disable this feature in the Features tab

( Stop sending emails to admins when registering a new member )

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Posted by: @ernest02

How can I (admin) be notified when somebody registers on our Forum?

1. Make sure the "Stop Sending Emails to Admins on New User Registration" option is disabled (set NO) in Dashboard  > Forums > Settings > Features Tab.

2. Check the email of your WordPress in WordPress Settings > General admin page. The new user registration emails are being sent to that email address, because the email sending function belongs to WordPress, not to wpForo:

3. Check the spam box of that email address. Make sure the emails are not caught by spam filter.

4. Make sure your server email sending function works fine, contact to your hosting support for further questions.