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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] One account for forum and website (comments)

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Just wondering if it's possible (for a not-so-advanced user) to integrate wpforo with the wordpress site it's installed on to make sure that all users can use a single account for both the forum and the website itself - wherever comments are allowed by the administrator.

Obviously I'd like to have it configured this way to make usage of my (not yet in use) website more pleasant for frequent visitors but I understand if this isn't possible. I wouldn't know because despite having dipped my toes into HTML coding many months ago, I basically know nothing about coding.

So whatever the (lack of) possibilities, thank you for any definitive answers!

PS. If this isn't possible with wpforo but it is with other forum plugins for wordpress that'd be nice to know, but this particular type of forum looks good to me with all the functionality of it. In the past I used phpBB forum packages and have grown attached to this type of message board.

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You don't even need to ask this question. wpForo is made for this.

All WordPress plugins are made with this logic. wpForo user system is based on WordPress user system, wpForo doesn't have separate users system. All users registered in forum are also registered in WordPress automatically. If a user login in forum he/she is also logged-in in whole website (WordPress). This is a single authorization system and both use the same user login details.

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Hello Robert!

Unfortunately, I actually did need to ask this question. Not only am I (like I said in the first post) a simple user of programmes/software like this, I am completely new to wordpress and everything related to it. Often my way of doing things is getting information before using a new product or piece of software. I tried doing a google search about wpforo to see if I could find anything on this integration and only found threads made by people who want to know if it works with other plugins and such. Your answer explains why I found nothing on having a single account per user for both the website and forums.

Glad to hear that this is how it works by default. Suppose I would be rather surprised if there weren't lots of people wishing to combine two parts of a website like this.

That's probably all I need to know for now, then. Thanks again for the (quick) response.