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[Closed] Partially doesn't work

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Updated from 1.x to 2.1.4. There are some serious problems:

1) No icons for number of notifications (right to forum menu), for buttons under messages (quote, delete, etc.), for user ratings (I see just the text "Noble user");

2) No toolbar for the form of the message in topics;

3) Buttons "New topic",  buttons under messages (quote, delete, etc.), button "report" - don't work, clicking causes nothing.

I didn't change theme or code of forum, just installed from Plugins section.

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I don't know if related to your issues or not, but you have a huge ammount of errors/crashes on your pages that you must fix.

Press F12 to see them in your browser console.

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@dimalifragis Thank you very much, the issue was that plugin JQuery Updater was currupted. I reinstalled it and wpForo began to work normally.