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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Problem with emails

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This update has a problem with emails, so we had to go back to 1.72.

1. New user emails appear truncated or half, for example:

"Username: testzz To set your password, visit the following address: " and nothing else. Disabling wpForo, registrations  come out just fine.

2. Notifications are also in text and not in html as before, making formatting a mess.

Probably other email from wpForo are also problematic, but we didn't tested since no new user could get in and we had to revert to 1.72.

We use no plugin for email, just Wordpress standard email.

Many thanks

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Hi @dimalifragis,

Thank you for the information. But we think this is not a general issue, this is a specific issue on your website or in case of some options' configuration. The revering back is not a good idea. You should update it to current version and let us understand what's wrong on your forum. Please update to 1.7.3 and follow to this instruction:

Navigate to Forums > Settings > Emails admin page, make sure these three options are enabled, scroll down and click on the [Update options] button (this is important). Then register a new test user:

  • Overwrite WordPress New User Registration Email for Admins
  • Overwrite WordPress New User Registration Email for Users
  • Overwrite WordPress Reset Password Emails

If you still see the same problem, navigate to the same admin page, disable the same three options and register a new test user again. If you still have the same problem, just send admin login details to info[at] email address to allow us debug your problem and fix it.

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Thank you for the reply and the help.

I updated again to 1.7.3 and followed the advice and only when i disabled the 3 "overwites" it works again normally.

And i don't think it is specific to my site, since i changed nothing, just updated to 1.7.3.

Anyways, since it works with that override, i'm good.