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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Problem with shortcode - Forum not showing at all

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Everything worked well until a few days. My forum page is here :

As you can see the forum is not showing, wheras the shortcode [wpforo] is in the page.
The weird thing is that it worked until a few days. 

I do not know what I have done. I have installed some new plugins on my wordpress until then. Is an incompatibility possible? If yes, how can I know which plugin is causing this incompatibility?

Thanks for your help.

Roxane Anquetil 

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HiRoxane Anquetil ,

  1. Please navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard admin page and click on [Delete all caches] button. Then delete other plugin caches, press Ctrl+f5 on forum front and check it again.
  2. Please edit this page and make sure it contains [wpforo] shortcode. Check it in Text mode, not in View mode. Make sure there are no other chars in this shortcode. Don't forget delete cache. 
  3. Also, this can be a conflict with other plugins. Try to deactivate all recent install plugins, then activate plugins one by one and find the conflict maker plugin