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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Problem with Wpforo User profile & notifications widget

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Since a few days, I have a problem with the widget : when I'm not logged (as a guest), the login and register buttons don't appear under the welcome text on the right of the page (see, and also the attached images), ... but ONLY on the main page.

On the other pages, these buttons are OK. Strange, isn't it?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @maxelio42,

I think the problem comes from other plugins. I see you have many additional functions, options and features in the widget edit screen, so they affect the widget and cause such issues. I'd recommend disable the plugins which are responsive for these options, then disable the W3 Total Cache plugin and check it again.

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I can confirm the problem.

It seems like the icons not visible if a page placed in examble the root or another path than the forum ground URL.