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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Problems for Bulk move topics from one one category to other.

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The only way to bulk move is to delete category.

Problem 1 ) you cant move bulk topics from subcategory to category

Only Solution : Move category somewhere to become subcategory and delete subcategory .

Problem 2) you cant move bulk selected topics - Solution : None

Selection of multiple topics to moderate must be added in forum. No way for a big forum to move to wpforo if there in mot this function

I hope that you will add a fix for this in a futura update.

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Had the same requirement, moving 550 topics.  The simplest workaround around by:

1. Creating new forum area for destination topics and note forumID shown in wpforo dashboaard for it

2. Use SQL commands in phpadmin to change forumID of topics to move, eg: use regexp topic title names.

3. Sync post forumIDs to match the topic forumID by selecting wpforo Dashboard -> Rebuild threads *after* adding the following code in RED to class-topics.php.  It would make sense for wpforo team to add this to a future release.

function rebuild_forum_threads( $forumid = 0 ){
if( !$forumid ){
$args = array( 'layout' => 4 );
$forums = WPF()->forum->get_forums( $args );
foreach( $forums as $forum ){
$args = array( 'forumid' => $forum['forumid'] );
$topics = $this->get_topics($args);
if( !empty($topics) ){
foreach( $topics as $topic ){
// nando4>> when 'thread rebuild' after doing a manual myphpadmin move of topics to a different
// nando4>> we still need to update those topic's posts' forumID
WPF()->db->query( "UPDATE `".WPF()->tables->posts."` SET `forumid` = ". intval($forum['forumid']) ." WHERE `topicid` = ". intval($topic['topicid']) );


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Thanks for the info. I was going crazy looking for the solution untill I've found this forum.

Thank you!