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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Help 4 a new user

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I would like to set up the wpforo. But when i click on a categorie it doesn't progress. It just reload the current page. What I do wrong? Have a look:

Thank you very much 4 your help and sorry, my English sucks....

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Hi @samm1917,

Thank you for using wpForo and for contacting us. 

First of all please deactivate the wpForo plugin and activate it again. Then delete all caches and check again. Press CTRL+F5 on frontend before checking.

If it doesn't help please deactivate other plugins one by one and check after each deactivation to find a problem maker plugin. This could be a conflict with other plugins. 

Finally, navigate to  Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Debug Tab, check all subtabs in the "Debug Information" section and let us know if you see any errors. 

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Thank's 4 your help. I followed your instructions step by step but without success. Is there an other possibility how to fix it? Would be great because the plugin looks perfect and the additional functions are not so expensive...