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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] question about red and green popups

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I have had this problem intermittently and have done the resets and use WP rather than foro, etc. But that's not my question now.

Until recently, when I tried as a tester to register for the forum, I would get a red or a green flag to say successful or not, up in the upper right corner of the screen. I don't seem to get those any more. I HAVE been fiddling with the settings, but can't find what they were called to see if I've turned them off.  Any idea?

UPDATE: I found what it was. It was the css code I'd put in to suppress those popup logins that kept appearing, confusingly, shaped like an iphone screen, down under the browser, when I tried to login from the forum menu of custom links.   I disabled it and found my red and green, but now the popup logins will be back. 

The code was #wpf-msg-box {
display: none !important;

but now I again get the little screen (see attachment.) Which may confuse new users.

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Hi @briegull,

We're really sorry but we don't follow you well. We've just checked on your website and see that everything works as expected.

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There is a narrow web-page popup (see attachment - not the red and green ones) which comes up behind the browser if that snippet of code isn't in the custom CSS plugin. ( I found it here in a forum response) If the snippet IS in the plugin then the red and green ones don't show either.  So I don't want the web=page popup but I DO. want the red and green popups. The code is this:

 #wpf-msg-box {
display: none !important;}

and the screen shot of what I don't want is attached. 

Incidentally, I demo'd the forum to our co-hosts to the teachers who will be using it, and they apparently were impressed.