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[Closed] Registration pathway to login page

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i recently tested the registration process of wpforo and got quite confused.

I probably didn't click on "remember me" when I registered. Therefor, after receiving the confirmation email, clicking on it and creating a password, I got really confused when I was simply redirected to the forum's homepage without automatically being logged in. It took me a while to understand if the registration process had worked or not.

Could it be possible to automatically redirect to the login page after a password change rather than the forum's homepage, to avoid any confusion ?

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Please use "Custom Redirection URLs after following actions" options in wpForo > Settings > Login & Registration admin page.


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@robert thanks for the input.
However in the "Custom Redirection URLs after following actions", I couldn't find any redirection option following the password reset action.

When someone wants to register with the email confirmation option, they receive an email with a link to set their password. It actually is a link to "reset" the password.

Once they click on the link, insert a password and click "okay", they are automatically redirected to the forum's homepage.

That is when I would like for them to be redirected to the login page.

(I tried with the "redirect after registration" and "redirect after subscription confirmation", but neither worked, thus confirming it's actually a "redirect after password reset" that I would need)